Facebook Ad Strategy

Need to run Facebook Ads but don't want to hire out? You need a strategy.

Running ads but not having any luck? Have you run several campaigns but they always seem to fail? 

Let me develop a strategy to achieve your desired results so you can finally win at Facebook advertising!
You know the value of Facebook Ads. You know that with the proper strategy, you can begin to see the results you desire.

But for some reason, you keep failing.
You're just not getting a return on this investment.

You NEED this to work because you understand Facebook is a goldmine of opportunity. 

And that's where I step in. 

I'll develop a strategy that will have you winning the Facebook Jackpot!

Our Process

Discovery Call

We'll have a quick discovery call to learn about your biz & if an audit is the best fit for you.

Strategy Session

We'll have an in depth convo about your goals with FB Ads and what you'd like to achieve.

Prepare Strategic Report

Based upon my research, I will prepare a detailed report including a step-by-step strategy to achieve your goals.

Deliver  & Review Report

We'll review the developed strategy, make any critiques, and I'll answer any pertinent questions pertaining strategy implementation.

What you get:

  • 15-Minute Discovery Call
  • 45-Minute Strategy Session Call
  • 60-Minute Strategy Review + Q&A Call
  • Complete Strategic report for 1 ad campaign (objective)
  • Strategic report will include:
    • Campaign, Ad set(s), & Ad(s) strategy
    • Ad copy recommendations
    • 2-4 audience profiles
    • Landing Page review & recommendations
    • Do's & Don't, FAQs, and how to move forward
  • Recording of Strategy Review Phone Call


  • Receive your detailed strategy report within 4 business days of our strategy session call.
Your investment: 
  • Discovery Call: $5
  • Strategy Portion: $797
Why is there a cost for your discovery call? 
  • I've realized that the entrepreneurs willing to put their money where their mouth is, are the ones who are action takers and are serious about making a change.
Book Your $5 Discovery Call
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