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To ensure that we're a perfect match for each other, we carefully screen every applicant before taking them on as a client. Not all applicants are accepted. If you are ready to make a change, apply below.

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Failure is not an option- I'll get it done one way or another
Failure is okay and disappointment is a part of life. I'll move on.
My biz is just a big deal
$101-$500 USD
$500-$1k USD
$1001-$5K USD
$5001-$10K USD
$10001-$25K USD
They're the expert, I will take everything they teach me and apply it ASAP. I love results!
I like the idea of a mentor/coach but I'll make the decision as to what changes to implement
I'm not sure, I've never worked with one before.
Business means business and I'm ready to do what it takes.
Would be hesitant, but I'm not afraid of committing to training if it means success in the future. far away. I need cheap right now. Cost trumps results.
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